What Is the Kindness Map Project?

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I’m often asked “What exactly do you do?” and when I answer “I’m an activist for kindness,” half the time I’ll see a blank expression to my reply. So whenever possible, I first tell people my story.
Once people hear my story, they understand the power of kindness to change a life, and then what I do doesn’t sound so unreasonable, radical, or unquantifiable.
My story? I was a three-year-old orphan in Pakistan when a purposeful act of kindness changed my life and brought me to my adopted family in Holland.
Stories persuade in ways that speeches and studies and moral reasoning cannot. That’s why I started the Kindness Map project. It’s about getting people to share that moment when kindness touched their life.
We’ve all had that teacher, friend, loved one, or stranger who touched our lives when we most needed it. Or perhaps you were the one giving kindness.
If you agree with me that the world needs more kindness, will you do me a favor? Will you share your story with the world? The more people see that ordinary people can do extraordinary good, the more we will see the kindness we are all capable of.
Find the Kindness Map here. To comment, sign in using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Disqus, your email address, or you can also comment anonymously if you prefer.
The world needs more heroes.
Just one moment, one person, one kindness is all it takes to inspire and touch others to BE the difference!
Gabriella van Rij

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