Gabriella is that Voice for those who cannot speak and shares how each of us is unique and has something to offer the person next to us, and until we start to embrace each other’s unique perspective and talents, we will continue, as a society, to drop the ball on Human Kindness®.


Speaking at organizations, corporate events, and keynotes, Gabriella’s presentations blend humor, original analogies, and her life story to create a rare perspective-shifting experience that speaks to all and that provides the tools audiences need for more productive workplace relationships. The bold vivacity by which this petite woman captivates her audience is packed with her expertise and insatiable yearning to evoke, educate, and empower.


Gabriella not only speaks to the business world. She is frequently invited to speak at school assemblies across the US to address bullying issues with her four-step program “Make Kindness Your Choice.” After assemblies, students have come up to Gabriella in tears, thanking her for understanding what they are going through. Gabriella’s presentation style captures audiences of any age and gives students a chance to take ownership of their uniqueness.
Gabriella van Rij’s speaking fees go toward funding her work with underprivileged children and bringing her 4-step “Make Kindness Your Choice” program to schools unable to afford guest speakers.

Gabriella’s presentations for businesses and organizations:

Watch Your Delivery
Derogatory remarks, flippant comebacks, a lack of cultural sensitivity, and a disregard for the feelings of others create a negative working environment that hinders your company’s performance and can ruin an organization’s public image. #WatchYourDelivery  Read more…

Kindness Is a Choice #DareToBeKind
Gabriella boldly states, “As a society, we have dropped the ball on Human Kindness®. Will you help me pick it up? One moment, one person, one kindness—is all it takes to help someone go from a negative space to a positive place.” It only takes one moment, one person, one kindness to BE the difference! #pickuptheball  Read more…


Tolerance Does Not Equal Acceptance
Tolerance is a behavior that is learned. Whereas acceptance opens up your horizons. When we ignore people, that silence is a form of intolerance. We are then complicit in creating an atmosphere of intolerance. Tolerating is not enough. There is a huge difference between tolerance and acceptance. In today’s world, we have to accept each other. We are too diverse not to. Read more…


Stop Apologizing for Who You Are (A Presentation for Women)
Women in today’s workplace deal with pressures that their male counterparts do not. In one example, Gabriella references women in the police force who are expected to look tough on the street, sexy for their husbands, and motherly for their children.  Read more…




    “Gabriella’s WISE Webinar, Creating a Kindness Culture in the Workplace, helped our members remember that we all have a role to play in creating supportive work environments in concert with our colleagues – and it begins with each individual’s commitment to kindness. Her presentation radiated with an enthusiasm that I found infectious – I couldn’t help but find myself smiling throughout the Webinar. Gabriella lit up our audience’s Webinar screens with inspiring content and a beautiful delivery (her live video appearance made the event all the more interactive and engaging!).”
    Christine Regan Davi, VP, sales, Product Quest and WISE professional development committee member



    “Gabriella has some amazing insight in combination with her real life experiences and is a kind, talented and effective speaker. When she spoke of how an entire group can give someone the silent treatment, all knowing what is taking place but not saying anything about it, it really struck home with me, as she explained that too is bullying.”



    “In twenty years when I write my book the title will need to be, ‘The Hour that Changed the World.’”



    “It was probably one of the most thought provoking and meaningful presentations I’ve been to in a long time. I was never really a bully or was bullied myself, yet she was able to connect so well on a personal level that it left a tremendous impression on me. I walked out of that room a better person than when I came in. It’s been very rare indeed that a speaker will have that kind of impact on me. Although there were a few dozen people in the room, I have no doubt that the ‘pay it forward’ benefits will touch hundreds of others…maybe even just by me alone.”

Gabriella’s presentations for schools and universities:


The Bully and the Victim Are Mirror Images of Each Other: Practical Solutions

One of her most popular presentations to date, Gabriella provides students and adults with the psychological tools that promote self acceptance. She shares how, by embracing our uniqueness, we can encounter friends instead of instigators. Read more…
Cyber Torment (Cyber Bullying)—How to Survive, Navigate, and Get the Upper Hand
They see things they should never see… Through her four-step program, Gabriella explains how to navigate an online world where every new social media platform is an avenue for ridicule and humiliation. In a separate workshop, Gabriella teaches parents and educators how to tell if their child is a victim of cyber torment. She reveals how to build students’ self-image to raise a confident, courageous child. Read more…
Action/Reaction: Are You a Reactive Person?
Much of life is spent reacting to others’ behavior. Being a reactive person is simply being triggered by past experiences. Once we stop reacting, and start initiating action, everything changes.
Kindness Is a Choice #DareToBeKind
A recipient of one amazing act of kindness, Gabriella shares her story and asks the question: “As a society, we have dropped the ball on Human Kindness®. Will you help me pick it up? One moment, one person, one kindness—is all it takes to help another go from a negative space to a positive place.” BE the difference! Read more…



    “On behalf of Maquoketa Middle School, we wish to thank you for coming to share your insights, message of kindness, and your easy-to-apply solutions with the children and staff at our school. Your passion to inspire children to grow to be strong, emotionally healthy adults is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the near future.”–Cathy Fuchs, Cindy Wiese. Maquoketa, Iowa



    “Over the years of being able to hear Gabriella speak at schools, I am amazed at her ability to connect with the students. Many of them walk up to her afterwards in order to share their experiences with her. Gabriella is able to make Little G come to life for the students allowing her to be a friend they can empathize with and open up to.”—Tom Kellog. English Teacher, Tulare Union High School, California



    “Gabriella came to our school in the spring of 2014 to talk to our students at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy about bullying and the effects it has on people. She talked to students first in grades 5 through 8 and then students in grades K through 4. She was very warm and open, sharing her own stories of how she was bullied as a child. Many of the students related to her and shared their own stories. Because of her talk the students were more aware of being kind to each other. She did a marvelous job.” — Liz Seng. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy, Illinois