TITLE: Watch Your Delivery

DURATION: 60 – 90 minutes



Pressure to perform, to make money, to be the best has taken on proportions in the workplace that are unprecedented. We are taught to compete with every co-worker as the only way to climb the steps of the corporate ladder.


In this fast-paced environment, where every mistake we make is amplified through social media and thus blown out of context, we seem to have no time to be civil to one another or even to know what courteous communication looks like. Derogatory remarks, flippant comebacks, a lack of cultural sensitivity, and a disregard for the feelings of others create a negative working environment that hinders your company’s performance and can ruin an organization’s public image. “Watch Your Delivery” fulfills State of California’s AB 2053 bill to provide abusive conduct training to organizations and will show employers and employees how to shape and maintain a robust and emotionally safe workplace for everyone.


Gabriella will demonstrate the simplicity of kindness and how to create healthy relationships in and outside the workplace.


• What is civil conduct?
• Opinions versus judgments
• How do we learn not to be reactive?
• Diversity is here to stay
• Watch your delivery!



• The whole world is not out to get YOU
• Understand what triggers your reactions
• Learn how to shift your perception to see the other’s perspective
• Your delivery is the key in successful communication with others

Note: It goes without saying that if your corporation is outside of California, or is otherwise not eligible for AB 2053, this presentation is still a benefit for the health of your company.


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