TITLE: Tolerance Does Not Equal Acceptance

DURATION: 60–90 minutes (length of time can be adjusted as needed)



With 1 in 5 workers in the U.S. projected to be an immigrant by 2030, cultural integration is a hot topic for local governments, company management positions, and employees across the States.


Gabriella shows how, in order to be accepting of other cultures, we have to drop our preconceived notions of cultural barriers and instead of being fearful, be open to something new. Her insights spring from a lifetime of experiences. Adopted at the age of three from a Pakistan orphanage into a Dutch diplomat’s family, she knows firsthand what it feels like to be an outcast, put in a box, and made to feel less than equal.


In her talks, she outlines forms of intolerance that are often overlooked. “When we ignore people, that silence is a form of intolerance. We are then complicit in creating an atmosphere of intolerance. Tolerating is not enough. There is a huge difference between tolerance and acceptance. In today’s world, we have to accept each other. We are too diverse not to.”


• The difference between tolerance and acceptance
• What intolerance looks like in the workplace
• How acceptance is created in the workplace
• We’ve all been intolerant; how to guard against it

• Fear influences our interactions with others and feeds intolerant behaviors
• Be an active witness
• Non-verbal cues play a large role in helping others feel accepted



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