TITLE: Stop Apologizing for Who You Are

DURATION: 45–60 minutes (length of time can be adjusted as needed)


Has apologizing become your knee-jerk reaction? Whether for the job, for the meal, or for your kids, over and over, you automatically say, “Oh, I am sorry that I did that—but…” and then you begin to justify yourself.


All of us have such pressures to perform. From students to those in the workplace, we think we need to excel or we will be surpassed by others. Women especially feel that unless they are the perfect mother, wife, employee, or boss, they have failed. In one example, Gabriella references women in the police force who are expected to look tough on the street, sexy for their husbands, and motherly for their children.


Gabriella poses questions enabling attendees to self-evaluate and achieve freedom from restrictive modes of thought and behavior. Her words provide inner strength to embrace imperfections. “What would your home life, work place, and community look like if you stopped apologizing for who you are?” To conclude, she presents a message she has traveled the world with: “Dare to be kind®.” For women across the globe, it starts with being kind to themselves.


• The automatic apology undermines who you are
• How to replace automatic apologies with an acknowledgement of the situation
• Why women feel the need to be perfect
• Selfishness vs. taking care of oneself

• How to find freedom by embracing your imperfections
• You can’t take care of others if you haven’t taken care of yourself first
• Being kind to oneself is the key to better relationships with others



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