TITLE: Kindness Is a Choice #DareToBeKind

DURATION: 45–60 minutes



A recipient of one amazing act of kindness, Gabriella shares her story: She began her life in a Catholic orphanage in Pakistan and without the determination and kindness of two strangers she would not have made it to her new family in the Netherlands.


Students gain a deep understanding of the importance kindness plays in creating a community where they feel safe and accepted by others. They leave inspired knowing that they have the might to change someone’s life through a single act of kindness.


Gabriella asks the question: “As a society, we have dropped the ball on Human Kindness®. Will you help me pick it up? One moment, one person, one kindness—is all it takes to help another go from a negative space to a positive place. BE the difference!”


• Kindness starts with being kind to yourself
• Fear holds us back from being kind
• Kindness is a choice; Dare to Be Kind®
• Kindness only grows more kindness

• Kindness is more than just saying nice things: the delivery matters
• Use others’ rudeness as a cue to be kind
• Make kindness a habit
• Kindness challenge: Share your kindness story on the Kindness Map!



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