TITLE: Cyber Torment (Cyber Bullying)—How to Navigate and Do More Than Survive

DURATION: 60–90 minutes (length of time can be adjusted as needed)



Cyber-torment has reached an all-time high. While it may seem that the effects of bullying are something we leave behind us as we grow, the truth is that wounds inflicted by cruel words last a lifetime.


In a world where every new social media platform is an avenue for ridicule and humiliation, Gabriella van Rij teaches how to safeguard oneself against cyber torment.


Gabriella arms students with concepts that will help bolster confidence and courage—both online and off.


• We’ve all been the bully; how to guard against bullying others online
• Diffuse an online flame fest by walking away
• Get help if you feel scared
• Whether anonymous or not, what you do shapes your character

• Be an active witness
• Learning when it’s not okay to hit the share button
• Safety tips
• Online etiquette



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