TITLE: The Bully and the Victim Are Mirror Images of Each Other: Practical Solutions

DURATION: 60–90 minutes (length of time can be adjusted as needed)



In one of her most popular presentations, Gabriella empowers audiences with the psychological tools they need to counteract the negativity that plagues our society. She starts by asking students where she’s from… and it comes as a surprise to all that she is Dutch by citizenship. Although lucky to receive a family when she was adopted at the age of 3, she came to learn firsthand what it feels like to be shunned and ridiculed for being different.


The concepts Gabriella teaches spring to life for students as they realize that the bully and the victim are mirror images of each other—both acting from a place of fear—and how owning one’s individual uniqueness is a powerful tool that stops instigators in their tracks.


• Fear influences our reactions to each other and holds us back from being kind.
• Letting go of your fears will allow your compassion to surface
• Become kinder by recognizing when you or another person is acting out of fear

• Own your uniqueness (TM pending)
• Be an active witness
• Dare to step into you
• Make kindness a choice

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