Speaker and author, we all know what that is, but a kindness activist?


The definition of an activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change.


I am a woman who passionately uses my voice to speak and write on all social issues that continue to plague our society. I help students and adults alike take ownership of their uniqueness and break down the invisible constraints that hold them back.



These are the social issues that evoke my passion:
• Watch your delivery
• Overcoming racism
• What prejudice and judgment looks like
• Cultural tolerance vs. cultural acceptance
• Bullying causes and solutions
• Cyber torment and its devastating effects
• The role self-acceptance plays in bully-proofing students
• Dare to be kind®
• How to survive in an increasingly diverse and fear-based society
And much more…


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G’s Story


The best teachers are those whose knowledge comes from personal experience. Gabriella van Rij’s expertise is earned in exactly that fashion.


What would you do if your life was changed by a single act of kindness?


As a toddler, Gabriella was plucked from a Catholic orphanage in Pakistan. Without the determination of two strangers, she would not have made it to her adoptive family.


Today, she asks this question: Will you pick up the ball of Human Kindness® and be a hero to someone who needs your help?

Gabriella van Rij is a speaker, author, and activist for Kindness who helps transform the culture of any organization or classroom into one that values and promotes kindness. Kindness is the missing ingredient in today’s world, and the organizations and schools that adopt kindness as their motto have a deceptively simple but greatly effective tool in their arsenal. In her words, “Kindness only grows more kindness.”


Gabriella’s unique beginnings, parallels she draws, and illustrations she uses resonate, educate, and provide the audience with an unforgettable and disarming experience that will have attendees crying and laughing but ultimately empowered.


Note: From the many talks she gives, her presentation “Watch Your Delivery” targets and fulfills California’s mandated requirements (AB 2053) for teaching abusive conduct prevention to organizations, while also providing a practical plan for how to create robust working relationships and environments that foster trust, support, and camaraderie.

Gabriella has been featured in…

ABCDr. PhilGloria GreerThe Huffington PostNBCSac&CoUnivisionCBSTelemundoWGNFOX NEWS




    “[Gabriella] heeft een aantal fantastische inzichten in combinatie met haar ervaringen en ze is een lieve, getalenteerde en effectieve spreekster. Toen ze sprak over hoe een hele groep iemand de stille behandeling kan geven, terwijl ze weten wat er gebeurt maar hier niets over zeggen heeft mij echt getroffen. Ze verklaarde ons dat dit ook pesten is.”

    “[Gabriella] heeft het geweldig gedaan. Misschien schrijf ik over 20 jaar een boek met de titel ‘Het uur dat de wereld veranderde’.”
    “[Een gedachte die ik had] was of dit een van de weinige momenten in mijn leven zou zijn die levensveranderend was en die mij geholpen hebben mijn leven te definiëren. Ik weet dat het… melodramatisch klinkt, vooral voor zoiets eenvoudigs als een boodschap van menselijke vriendelijkheid. Toch is het verschil tussen Gabriella en andere sprekers dat ze echt naar ons reikte en mijn hart raakte… Ze bracht het concept van een ‘actieve getuige’ naar een nieuw niveau.”